Driving School


The State of California requires you to spend 30 hours studying Driver Education before you can obtain a Learners Permit. You can go to a classroom or go to our online course Capitoldriversed.com. After you complete the Driver Education course you have to be simultaneously enrolled in a 6 hour Driver Training Program. Only then can you take the written exam at any DMV office to obtain your learners permit. At Capitol City we have a 90% passing rate for first time takers of the DMV test.

Note to Parents : We encourage you to take an active part in your child's driver education course. Talk about driving laws, traffic signs and traffic safety while they are riding in the car with you. The more they learn now, the safer they will be when they start driving.

Once a month we will have a permit refresher class two hours TBA. This class is for outside students who just have a hard time to pass the permit test. The handbook will be review alongside with tips to pass the test


License Requirements  This is from the DMV website 

To obtain a Minor's Provisional License you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old.

  • Prove that you have finished both driver education and driver training (DMV form OL 387, OL 388, DL 388A, OL 237(This is the form we will send you, it is blue), or OL 238).

  • Have had an instruction permit for at least 6 months. Very important: once you pass the permit test you are eligible to get your license 6months afterwards.  It is not 6 months fater your first driving lesson.

  • Provide a parent's signature on your instruction permit stating you have completed all the driving practice outlined in the Parent- Teen Training Aide. (Certain other persons may sign.) This booklet is available at your local DMV field office.

  • Complete 50 hours of supervised driving practice (10 hours must be completed at night).

  • Your parents must certify to this training.

  • Pass the behind-the-wheel driving test. If you fail the test, you must wait two weeks so that you can practice before you are tested again. You have three chances to pass the driving test within the time your permit is valid.

  • You may drive alone with your provisional license, as long as you are not involved in accidents or have traffic violations. The following restrictions apply:

        During the first 12 months after you are licensed, you must be accompanied by a driver 25 years of age or older if you drive between the hours of midnight and 11pm and 5 am

Minor's Restriction Exceptions

These exceptions are granted when reasonable transportation is not available and it is necessary for the minor to drive. A note is required explaining the necessity and the date the driving necessity will end.

  • Medical necessity. The note must be signed by your physician.

  • School or school-authorized activity. The note must be signed by your school principal, dean, or his or her designee.

  • Employment necessity. The note must be signed by your employer and verify employment and date the employment will end.

  • Immediate need of family member. The note must be signed by your parent or legal guardian and include the reason and the date the driving necessity will end.

  • Emancipated minor. No documentation is needed. However, you must have already declared yourself, emancipated and provided Proof of Financial Responsibility (SR 1 P) in lieu of your guarantors'

When you become 18 years old, the "provisional" part of your license ends. You may keep the photo license you have which will expire on the fourth or fifth birthday after the date you applied for it or you may apply for a duplicate license without the word "provisional." The fee for a duplicate license is $15.